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09 Jun ALU MiND

The trend with sports shoe stores has moved decisively towards hero product merchandising and an unfussy and uncluttered presentation style, mirrored at the latest new outlet in Berlin. Clearly visible from the outside through the large display window, a brush finished yet shiny copper from ground to ceiling is the backdrop for the shoes at Novacane.

Equipped with a selection of 54 styles,thiselement forms the heart of the store. Designed by local specialist Bastian Braun, the store also includes a niche in the ceiling at the rear that has been used to house the shoe stock, only accessible via a black powder-painted rolling ladder. This creates a visual impact and clears the space of stock.

Ashow case and fitting bench form the store’s front, while a selection of street wear is presented on shelvingconstructed from black-coated steel sheeting. On the right hand side side of the store a number of other items are on display including sweaters, jackets and shirts, while on the left are trousers and shorts.

Because the company has its roots in graffiti culture, in a panelled section of the black matte counter a variety of graffiti supplies and other related accessories are also displayed.

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